What would you do to give your kids the best possible future?

Seven years ago, Dawn and Stephen Seabolt adopted their daughter, Kate, from China at age three. Because of her albinism, Kate’s vision is blurred, her eyes are very sensitive to light, and she has nystagmus, which causes rapid, involuntary eye movement.

New parents Dawn and Stephen wasted no time researching resources that could help their daughter thrive. They discovered the Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI), where they found the support they needed to envision a bright future for Kate.

The Seabolts realized that with a strong network of support, they could successfully navigate the challenges of vision impairment with their child. Last year, Dawn and Stephen traveled to China to adopt another child who is visually impaired. Their son Charlie can see some color and light, but is functionally blind.

Today, Kate (now age 10) and Charlie (now age 8) both participate in CVI’s STARS program for school-aged youth, attending summer camps and weekend activities throughout the year. Dawn and Stephen are grateful that CVI offers activities – like golf and horseback riding – that their kids may not otherwise get to experience.

Dawn and Stephen did everything in their power to make sure that the future is bright for their children. Now, it’s your turn.

During this season of family, thanks and giving, please make a gift to help children like Kate and Charlie learn, grow and flourish.

Thank you for your support!

Stephen Seabolt and CharlieDawn Seabolt and Kate