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GaRRS Employs Former CVI Client

GaRRS photo

My name is Jae Cosby and I work with the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GaRRS), Georgia’s only radio station for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print-Disabled. I have a human services background, having worked for local government for many years in the Human Services department where we made every effort to ensure that citizens facing homelessness, aging, HIV/aids, disabilities, unemployment or underemployment and youth at risk were provided the support services they needed to be healthy, self-sufficient and active members of the community. For all citizens, having a job and the transportation to get to the job seemed to be the two biggest needs. That is especially true for people with disabilities.

Jasmine Seabron interviews attendees of Blind Day at the CapitolDuring my time in the Human Services Department, I came to learn about employment training programs and how these programs can help both the employment training candidate and the agency in which they are assigned. In 2010, I was very fortunate to be able to partner with the Center for the Visually Impaired in their employment training program to train Ms. Jasmine Seabron as a producer. CVI and GaRRS both felt that radio (audio) is accessible to people with blindness and since most radio is now produced digitally on computers, with the right software, Jasmine could make it happen. We were right. Jasmine is a natural for radio! Beautiful voice, exceptional delivery, rolls with the punches….all with a positive attitude!

When Jasmine completed her employment training program at CVI, she came back to GaRRS to volunteer. Needless to say, we hired Jasmine as fast as we could and she just celebrated her first anniversary with GaRRS. She interviewed several attendees of Blind Day at the State Capitol this past year (February 2012) and Governor Nathan Deal came to meet her.

Jasmine Seabron meets Governor Deal

Our great thanks to Jasmine, CVI and the Fulton County Human Services Grant Program that made all of this possible!


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Comment by Hoverboard Pas Cher; October 20, 2016 6:51pm

We are very proud of Jasmine, too, and value our partnership with GARRS. Thanks Jae for all you do.

Comment by Anisio Correia; January 23, 2013 10:09pm