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BEGIN Provides Tactile Quilts to Children

BEGIN QuiltOne of the wonderful aspects of my position for the BEGIN program at CVI is to present new families to the program with a tactile quilt. This tradition was created by Anne McComiskey, our former director, when she first started the BEGIN program in 1985. I am proud to carry on the tradition.

The quilts are hand-made by volunteers in the community and are made up of nine brightly colored squares of differing textures. These colors and textures help to develop tactile awareness in our little ones as well as help the family feel welcomed into the BEGIN program. One of our BEGIN parents said, “It is a special quilt for my son. He likes the different textures and everyone who comes over comments on it.”

We have several volunteers who have been making beautiful quilts and we appreciate all of their hard work. One of the volunteer groups is the residents of Sterling Estates of East Cobb, which is a gorgeous new assisted living facility. The seniors there eagerly piece, cut and sew quilts for baby girls and boys. They have in the past completed an adorable quilt for a baby boy. The Sterling Estates residents are proud of working on this service project and helping to serve their greater community.

If you enjoy quilting and are interested in volunteering to make a tactile quilt (they are pretty easy), please contact Nancy Jennings at 404-875-9011. Also, for more information on the BEGIN program visit our page on the CVI website or call at 404-875-9011.