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Empish's Big Dream for 2013

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We have all seen the image of that typical blind person -- a person with dark sunglasses swinging a white cane back and forth or walking with a guide dog. We can tend to wrongly assume that all people with vision loss read braille only or have an extraordinary sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing. People sometimes think that a person who has vision loss is totally blind and can’t see anything. But is that truly a complete or even accurate image of a person who is visually impaired? My dream for 2013 is for people to learn and understand that people with visual impairments come in as many varieties of colors as a box of crayons. I want to help dispel the myths and stereotypes and decrease the fear and anxiety that people have around vision loss.

Communicating and educating the public about vision loss is the challenge that I undertake every day while working at CVI. I know that talking about blindness is not glamorous, exciting or even sexy, but if I can educate one person each day this year that will go a long way in helping the public better understand vision impairments.

- Empish Thomas, CVI Public Education Coordinator

The two paragraphs above are part of what I shared as a blog entry on The website is hosted by Nancy Schwartz. She specializes in helping nonprofits succeed through effective marketing and is the publisher of the Getting Attention blog and e-newsletter. Recently she requested submissions for her monthly nonprofit blog carnival which is a selection of blog posts on topics related to the nonprofit community. January’s monthly request was to share your dream for your nonprofit and what is being done to make that dream a reality.

Check out the full blog post by clicking here.

Since I have lost my vision and now work at CVI, my dream has been to change public perceptions about what it really means to be visually impaired. I thought the blog carnival was an excellent opportunity to participate and share CVI’s mission and the great things we explore on the SightSeeing blog.

Launching the SightSeeing blog has been an incredible opportunity to discuss vision loss and dispel myths and stereotypes. Using this social media platform has become an excellent tool to achieve this dream. Now that I have shared my dream let me know yours.

What dreams do you have for 2013 as it relates to vision impairments?