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GLASS: A Resource for the Music Lover


Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS) distributes books in audio and in Braille to serve the needs of the blind and the physically impaired. GLASS is part of the National Library Service (NLS) network. You may have known that NLS has been producing and circulating audiobooks and Braille books for more than 80 years. But you may be surprised to learn that it also has the world’s largest collection of Braille music scores.

According to John Hanson, head of the NLS Music Section, “In the United States, there is no other source for a wide range of Braille music, whether one is considering variety of instruments, types of music, or extent of repertoire.”

But that’s not all that NLS offers music lovers. The collection includes more than 30,000 Braille, audio and large-print music scores, texts, and instructional materials, including some titles developed solely for NLS. Six music magazines also are available by subscription to library customers.

So, if you are interested in music enroll in GLASS and get access to the great materials available from NLS. Through GLASS you can learn music, learn about musicians and learn about musical composition. GLASS will make sure you get the materials that you need. Contact us at 404-248-6701 or via our website at

For an interesting video, “Braille- My Musical Language” on Braille musical notation go to