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Jitterbug - A Low Vision Cell Phone


When it comes to technology and the latest adaptive aids, I am definitely one of those who are technologically challenged! Less is more is the axiom which seems to work best for me.

Even before my increasing vision loss occurred, I experienced extreme trepidation when trying out the latest advancements regarding computer programs, the myriad of bells and whistle options offered on cell phones, etc. I often have wished I felt differently about all the wonderful and helpful advancements and technical aids out there, but the honest truth is, for me, embracing and utilizing the most up to date cell phone or other device, has not been the path for me to date.

Subsequently, that came time four years ago to bite the bullet and finally purchase a cell phone to have on hand for emergencies and out of town travel. The Jitterbug seemed to fit the bill for me. It was contracts, choices of minute plans, large key pad numbers, larger display screen, and input of voice over assistance with dial up numbers.

In addition, the Jitterbug offers a 24/7, 800 number tech support contact with helpful and friendly folk who seem to understand that the average Jitterbug user is often a senior, one with a disability, or one who does best with simplicity when using technical equipment.

I have been very pleased with this product and its ease of operation. If the idea of a basic phone resonates with anyone, this product is worth checking out!

For more information on the Jitterbug their website is The Jitterbug can be purchased at CVI’s VisAbility Store. Call the VisAbility Store at 404-602-4358 for more details.


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