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Celebrating 50 Years of Service

50th Reunion Graphic

Recently, a CVI client compared CVI to the “Hero” vehicles that stop for stranded drivers on the freeway. You may have seen them on the road—a vehicle with flashing lights carrying the equipment, supplies and assistance that a driver might need if a car suddenly stops operating properly. When people are in distress from losing their eyesight, CVI comes to the rescue, much like a “Hero” vehicle. Because none of us plans to become blind or visually impaired, we can feel “stranded” in life and desperately need some assistance. Our hope is that CVI is always available to provide the assistance needed.

Photo of Henderson RollerskatingIn November 1962, a group of parents of children with vision loss recognized that their children needed help in establishing the vocational and independent living skills they needed to live independently after their parents were gone. They created the organization originally called Community Services for the Blind, now named the Center for the Visually Impaired. This year, 2012, is CVI’s 50th anniversary and it’s time for celebration.

Our 50th anniversary reunion is a chance to connect with the thousands of people who have contributed to CVI’s success through the years—our clients, our volunteers, staff and contributors. Each one has played an important role in creating the CVI organization. While we still teach many of the same skills that our clients learned 50 years ago, our clients today learn to use computers; access assistive devices to manage their education, careers and households; and travel independently with confidence. We now serve people of all ages and their family members and caretakers, fulfilling our mission of empowering people impacted by vision loss to live with independence and dignity.

On Thursday, November 15, CVI is celebrating its 50-year history with a reunion, beginning at 4:00 with tours and demonstrations at the Center and culminating with a special program from 6:00 until 7:30 P.M. at the ATT Midtown Building, directly to the east of the CVI building with an entry on Cypress Street. The reunion will feature some of the folks who have been instrumental in CVI’s growth. You will have a chance to add your thoughts to the time capsule and audio recordings. Light refreshments will be served and it will be a grand time to renew acquaintances created through the years.

While we’ll be honoring our founders at the reunion, the real “heroes” in our celebration will be our graduates from all of our CVI programs. It’s time to celebrate the opportunities that are increasing every day for people with vision loss and to celebrate CVI, the organization that was often the first step in introducing independence and hope. Happy 50th, CVI!


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