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Career Connect Expands Possibilities

Submitted by Detra Banister, CareerConnect Employment Specialist

Disability Awarness

As we observe National Disability Employment Awareness this month, finding a career mentor can be essential when job seeking or maintaining current employment.

Detra Banister shares a powerful tool called CareerConnect which helps people with vision loss achieve employment success.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without access to news media you know how hard it is these days to find, get and maintain a good job. The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) is working hard to help expand employment possibilities for people with vision loss. Through AFB CareerConnect®, our free employment education and exploration program you can get a leg up on how to find the best jobs, do impressive interviews, disclose your disability in a way that is interesting and nonthreatening to the interviewer and increase your chances of being the one chosen to fill the position.

Through this interesting and friendly website students and adult job seekers can:

Feel free to browse the mentor database to see what kind of jobs people with vision loss around the country are doing. By becoming a registered user you can do more than just explore, you can connect with these successfully employed blind or visually impaired workers. While they do not have jobs to offer others, they have jobs of their own and will discuss the work they do and other work related questions.

CareerConnect also gives you an interactive online workstation to help organize your activities related to finding and getting work. From this workstation you can create your resume, use a private message board to communicate with mentors, keep track of appointments with an electronic calendar, even take a self paced Job Seeker’s Toolkit course.

With a successful 20 year record of connecting CareerConnect program users with their choice of nearly 1,000 mentors with vision loss working in over 300 occupational fields, just about anything you need to know about working competitively with vision loss can be discussed with someone who’s already been through this experience. CareerConnect has many practical, user-friendly resources and interactive tools to help manage the journey to career success. We hope you will sign up today!

Visit AFB CareerConnect at and start exploring. Questions about the program? Email

You never know what will come from making this connection on your way to employment success, but you can bet that the experience will be good.

Do you have a career mentor? Have you had one in the past? Was the relationship helpful? In the comment section below, share your experiences with career mentoring.