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BlindAlive Helps You Work Out From the Comfort of Your Home

Picture of someone tying their tennis shoesSummer is approaching. This is the time that we switch from the winter wardrobe of long sleeves, sweaters and jackets to shorts, tank tops and swimsuits. But if you have gained a little weight over the winter months or have struggled with your exercise routine then you might not feel so comfortable donning that summer attire. So, here is a possible solution. You don’t need to join a gym. You don’t have to hire a personal trainer. You don’t have to have fancy or expensive workout equipment at home. And the best thing of all, you don’t have to have vision to do the workout routine! All you need is some motivation and a desire to be healthy and stay in shape. BlindAlive is a website I recently discovered that provides a wealth of resources for the blind or visually impaired person who wants to exercise and keep moving. ON the site you will find workout routines from beginner to intermediate to advance. You will also find daily e-mail alerts that motivate you to workout. There are also podcasts available on topics about health and fitness on your smartphone for easy access on the go.

Mel Scott, who is blind, got tired of not having fitness choices in her life. She struggled, like many blind and visually impaired people with inaccessible workout videos and DVDs. She wanted to lose weight after her pregnancies, and regain strength after enduring cancer surgery. So she created BlindAlive.

According to the website, at BlindAlive, we are proud to have created a user-friendly, completely accessible solution to exercise and fitness that you can do with confidence in your own home. Now, with resources you can use, you do not have to take charge of your health and fitness alone. All of our exercise products have been tested by blind and low vision individuals to ensure that they are completely accessible to members of this community.

Picture of person lifting weightsAs you click through the website you will find accessible exercise descriptions on yoga, Pilates, sculpting with weights and cardio. There are programs for beginners, intermediate and advance. There are also programs where you will use a floor mat, stability ball and weights. Prices for these Eye-Free Programs start a little under twenty bucks; and come in a download or physical CD. To check out a sample listen to this mini workout on YouTube.

So, what are you waiting for? BlindAlive offers an accessible option for people with vision loss. Now you can work out from the comfort of your home. Now you have an option to help you get healthy, fit and get ready for the summer.