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Celebrating Independence Day

Picture of fireworksAs part of our American history we celebrate July 4th as our national day of independence. Family and friends gather for festive parades waving American flags and listening to high school marching bands. During the day we also enjoy cook outs of hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad. Ending with large crowds gathering for bright sparkly firework displays. But more importantly, we remember the men and women who fought so bravely to solidify our nation’s freedom.

While we celebrate this day of independence one time out of the year, CVI celebrates independence all year round. By providing services and programs that focus on independence with dignity CVI helps those with vision loss regain their lives. From learning how to safely and confidently cross the street, to cooking and preparing meals, to using a computer with assistive technology, our clients gain the skills they need to live more productively. So, while celebrating the red, white and blue, take a minute to share with us an example of how CVI has helped you or someone you know achieve independence with dignity.