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SightSeeing Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

5 year anniversary signThe CVI’s SightSeeing Blog is celebrating its five year anniversary this month! Since its inception in 2012, SightSeeing has been providing news, information and resources to our subscribers. We have posted stories on different aspects of travel, how to participate in sports and recreational activities, and best ways to manage home and work life. We have had guest posts on accessible prescription labels and restaurant websites; smartphone technology and the importance of audio described programs for visually impaired children. We have also shared information about what goes on here at CVI; from Bringing Our Children to Work, to new services in our low vision clinic, to various activities in our STARS and BEGIN programs.

But now I want to take a little time during this celebration to reflect on some of the wonderful blog entries that we have posted and share with you the highlights. For those of you who have been with us since the very beginning you will probably remember many of these. But those of you who came on later take this time to read about the great things that have been happening in the past five years at SightSeeing.

Picture of an iPhoneThe first year we launch Sightseeing was July 2012. We were celebrating 50 years of service to the blind and visually impaired community and did a blog post featuring our anniversary. Additionally, we featured two informative guest posts on the iPhone being the “divisive choice” and “best iPhone apps.” But with an election year looming I would be remits to not mention the post we did on the accessible voting machine, which is still, in my opinion, a valuable post to read.

In 2013 we focused on travel. We had guest posts on providing traveling tips and traveling on Amtrak. We also spotlighted sports and fitness with posts on Ski for Light, Goalball and yoga. But a nice feature of our year was in January, when Christine Ha, Fox Five’s Master Chef Winner, payed us a visit and talked to our donors and clients. She also was gracious and took the time from her busy schedule to guest blog in May for us.

The SightSeeing Blog started off the year with a 3-part series on Social Security disability benefits in 2014. A guest blogger provided useful information on the application process and eligibility for both SSDI and SSI. In addition, how to posts were very popular with our readers. We had a guest post on “Glamming It Up” which discussed makeup tips for visually impaired women. Then we shared how to organize your wardrobe/closet and dining out tips. During the summer, SightSeeing skyrocketed with a post on the free bill readers. For many years blind and visually impaired people have struggled with identifying paper currency and this post discussed new governmental measures to help remedy this problem.

Money was still on the minds of our readers in 2015. So another post came out about the Efforts Made to Make Money accessible which shared the history of what has been done to make US currency accessible. Technology is always an interesting topic as we posted a guest post on a review of the Be My Eyes App. But even with the advance of technology braille will never go out of style so we also had a post on the Beginning and continuing Usage of Braille. We never want to leave out our sighted readers so we also provided a how-to post on giving sighted guide assistance to a visually impaired person that people found very helpful.

Student testing legosNow we are coming around to the current year. Although 2016 is not over, we have already posted some great things on SightSeeing I want to share with you. One post that grabbed people’s attention was What Would You Do If Someone Grabs Your Arm. STARS Students Participate in the Robotics Lego League was also another good post that our readers enjoyed hearing about earlier this year. Even though some blind and visually impaired people can’t drive, there are some that can and the post on Rules of the Road with Byoptic Driving was informative and educational. Since CVI is a vision rehabilitation center, we always want to show our gratitude for our teachers and the work they do to assist our clients. So we wrote a post to honor them and their profession called Appreciating Those that Teach People with Visual Impairments. Now you have the highlights of numerous blog posts over the past five years. It has been an incredible and remarkable journey so far. Here’s to more years of providing news, resources, information and a positive platform to the blind and visually impaired community!

Now that you have reflected and read some of the wonderful blog post from the past I am soliciting a request. In order for SightSeeing to continue to be the best blog ever, we need your help. We are gearing up for the new fiscal year and looking forward to even more interesting and informative post. I am asking for you to share your thoughts and ideas with us. What type of posts would you like to see on SightSeeing this year? Is there a topic you are interested in that we have not explored? Do you have a pressing issue you want to share and discuss with others? Are you interested in writing a post yourself? Please let us know. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas so that we can make SightSeeing the best blog ever!

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