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Working with Multiple Volunteers From CVI

Over a year ago I contacted CVI to inquire about their volunteer services. I was hoping to get a volunteer to assist me with errands and getting my kitchen pantry labeled and organized. I spoke with Lara Tillery, Volunteer Coordinator and her friendly and enthusiastic response left me feeling hopeful that getting a volunteer was a good possibility. Lara came out to visit me one morning at about 7:15 a.m. due to our work schedules. We spent time talking and Lara identified that I would need two volunteers because of my differing needs. Within 2 weeks after our home visit, Lara was able to identify a match for me and at that time permission was given for the volunteer to contact me.

Picture of Empish and volunteer Gillian working together. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by April, a lovely lady who was interested in assisting me on a monthly basis with shopping errands. About two weeks after talking with April, Lara connected me with Laurie, who would assist me with getting my kitchen pantry organized and labeled. The relationships between us have grown to very valued friends that enjoy spending time together and at the same time learning and growing together.

Sometime later, I contacted Lara, again to ask if I could be matched with a volunteer for a specific project at work. Lara was quick to respond with a volunteer and connection was made shortly after. The male volunteer was a delight and very eager to help. He was a wonderful match for the job. Despite his uncertain fluency in English, we found a very workable communication level and he was very organized and efficient and a quick learner.

I am so grateful to the volunteer program at CVI for connecting me to three volunteers of the highest caliber. I feel that the time taken to screen these volunteers and the service received is very evident in my successful matches. Thank you CVI for your excellent Volunteer Services program and connecting me to three wonderful people who have made my life a little easier and richer.

One of CVI’s most important assets is our volunteers. As a non-profit that serves people with vision loss, CVI would not be able to complete its mission without volunteers. After reading Shanti’s positive experience please share in the comment section below about your own. Have you ever worked with a volunteer? What types of things did volunteers help you with? Would you recommend a volunteer to a friend or family member who is visually impaired?


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