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Fashioneyesta Bridges the Gap Between Fashion and Visual Disability

Picture of Emily DavisonFashioneyesta is an online Fashion and Lifestyle blog for people with sight loss aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and disability. It seeks to change people’s perceptions towards disability.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Children’s Literature at Goldsmiths University. I have lived in South East London my entire life. Naturally, I have been cultivated to know my way around markets, vintage shops, and where to find the best places on my home turf. I am currently working as a Journalist on the Huffington Post UK and working at my University as a Student Ambassador.

Fashion has always been a huge element of my life. Growing up, I was inspired by old Hollywood films and their captivating style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The fashion houses, vintage stores and many delightful chic-lists inspired me to become more involved in the history and the beauty of fashion. By the time I was fourteen, my mother had bought me my first designer bag and then the rest is History. I would describe my style as feminine, with exotic flares, vintage twists and a lot of costume jewelry. I change my look depending on my mood, one day I may step out in an Oriental inspired outfit. Or another day I may wish to go full out vintage with Victory Rolls and a 1940s inspired tea dress.

Picture of Emily in fall outfitOf course, you may be wondering why I set up the blog for Visually Impaired people? For one, I myself am Visually Impaired, I have a condition known as Septo Optic Dysplasia. The condition has disabled my Optic Nerves, leaving me with no sight in my right eye and ten percent central vision in my left. However, in the course of my life I never allowed my disability to hinder my love for fashion. Now, with my beautiful Guide Dog, Unity, in toe, I am out exploring the wide world and expanding my blog. A blog that I hope will inspire other visually impaired people to explore fashion, old and new, to find their own unique style.

The media has hypodermically projected an image that Visually Impaired people are aloof characters, sporting an anorak and dark glasses. This is a grossly unfair characterization and must be combated. serves to present visually impaired people with the tools, the skills and the knowledge of fashion, beauty and style to enable them to use their remaining senses to gage the world of fashion and to create their own unique style.

Fashion can be daunting for any person regardless of vision. Clothing and personal appearance are key psychological factors to a person’s well-being. In the 1940s it was believed that a person must look their best to feel confidence, their confidence transmits itself to others around you and thus you are noticed. Whether you are dressing for a special occasion, are seeking fashion advice, or want to socialize, is there to help you in whatever way possible. Fashioneyesta has many social networking forums such as a Facebook page, Twitter, Audioboo, YouTube, and many more. I offer my readers a wider variety of activities and things to see, read and do on Fashioneyesta. You can take part in polls, ask questions, or interact with others.

I conduct interviews with people in the fashion business on my blog, to give my readers a fresh perspective to fashion. My most recent interview was with Laura Legendary who is my co-founder of the podcast channel I run called Fashionability.

Emily in green outfitAt Fashioneyesta we have three people on board the venture, alongside several friends who act as my trusty allies. Myself, Emily Davison: Founder and female writer. Then there is Emma Davison, who is in charge of photography and filming for the blogs images and videos. For the males there is Thomas Ankin. Thomas is the male contributor for the blog, who reviews male products and writes features for the boys. Finally, we have a group of willing testers, who serve as the panelists on Fashioneyesta’s Product Testing Days. Where we receive a bundle of products and review them on accessibility, ease of application, value for money and overall quality.

I currently work with a number of different charities and organizations to raise awareness of Fashioneyesta and what we do, as well as to help Visually Impaired people with fashion. At present, I work as a fashion correspondent alongside the RNIB’s Insight Radio and in the past for Able Radio. Fashioneyesta has also been showcased on the BBC4’s In Touch radio and BBC Ouch Disability. I currently am working with charities on their fashion related projects one of which is the Living Paintings Trust.

At Fashioneyesta we also offer a support service where you can e mail us at with any queries you may have in relation to fashion and lifestyle.

I welcome you to Fashioneyesta and hope that you enjoy reading and exploring everything it has to offer.

The blog is written in a friendly, talkative style in order to give people the advice they need and make them feel as if they were right alongside a shop assistant or a trustworthy friend. The main thing that I aim to do is to aid people with the right tools in order for visually impaired people not to feel as if society perceives them as being frumpy or stereotypically unfashionable due to their sight loss. I run the sight writing blog posts, recording audio boos and updating all my social links including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information check out my website at:

Always remember to be daring and don’t conform to what society expects you to be!