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The MAIA Microperimeter is here at the Low Vision Clinic

Picture of Natasha using MAIAThe Center for the Visually Impaired’s Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic is pleased to announce the arrival of the MAIA microperimeter, a tool that is helpful in detecting and monitoring retinal functional changes. Microperimetry delivers important information to eye care specialists, providing a precise understanding of the functionality of the macula. This translates into an enhanced focus on function by both the doctor and the therapist, and also allows for improved patient education and training.

The MAIA, obtained through a generous grant from the Dobbs Foundation, is not like other tests you are taking at your eye doctor’s office. What differentiates this test from others is the MAIA assesses how your vision functions. For example, the MAIA is not looking at your visual acuity, assessing retinal tissues or eye health. But rather it is looking at how a patient uses their eye to see at their best.

What information does the MAIA provide?

  • It provides information on the focusing performance of your eye. If you think of a camera, you need to get the picture into focus in order to get a clear image. It is the same for an eye. Identifying how a person focuses their eye provides greater understanding of the underlying functional problem.
  • It provides information on Threshold. This is a measurement of the minimum amount of light that can be detected from your eye. The MAIA allows us to get a sense of how much light you need to function at your best. This information is then incorporated into the training you receive at the clinic.
  • It provides information on where you are having trouble seeing. If you have macular degeneration the MAIA provides beautiful images of where your blind spot(s) is located. This allows the eye care professional to teach how to best move your eye in order to obtain optimal function.Picture of an eye map that is generated from the MAIA Microperimeter

How does this information help me? The results provide a deeper level of understanding into how your eye is seeing functionally. It also provides a greater level of objective information on how your eye disease impacts how you see. Finally, it allows for a deeper level of training and education by your eye care professional, based on the findings of the MAIA.

At CVI we believe that education is critical. Empowering our clients with knowledge allows for greater understanding of why your vision functions as it does. The MAIA helps provide an objective functional assessment and allows for an improved quality of treatment. The MAIA allows us to provide a superior functional treatment focus that is not available elsewhere in the Atlanta low vision community. At CVI, our goal is to increase our client’s independence and help them to achieve a greater quality of life. Providing education, training and tools, like the MAIA, help to enhance our assessment and treatment allowing our clients an enhanced quality of life.

For more information on the MAIA or a low vision appointment contact: Florence Maxwell Low Vision Clinic at 404-875-9011