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Using Accessible Voting Machines

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As the November presidential election quickly approaches, people with visual impairments have an opportunity to cast their ballots independently and privately. In the past, the blind have had to rely on those that are sighted to read registration information and voting ballots. But with the creation of the accessible voting machine, a person can now do that on their own.

I used this machine a few years ago and was excited to be able to cast my own ballot. I had used the absentee ballot in the past, but never quite felt comfortable with someone marking off my candidates. How would I really know the candidate I chose was selected on my ballot? There was no clear way to know.

In 2002, the Help America Vote Act was passed to allow all Americans to vote with privacy which included the blind and visually impaired. Prior to HAVA’s passing there was no legal requirement to help blind citizens vote independently. People who were blind or visually impaired might have used magnifiers, signature guides or braille overlays; but that did not create full independence and privacy. The accessible voting machines were designed to remedy that problem.

Photo of Accessible Machine

The accessible voting machines are available at your local polling locations. The machines look very similar to a traditional machine, except that it has a headset attached so that the visually impaired person can listen to their options for candidates. The machines were created this way so that poll workers could easily assist both sighted and blind voters.

Once the person is standing at the machine a button is pressed and the voice will prompt with instructions. Then it is just a matter of pressing the appropriate number to select the candidate. For voting on bills and other pieces of legislation the entire bill is read out loud and then the options to vote yes or no are given.

Photo of voter with guide dogWhen you enter your polling place ask for the accessible voting machine. The machine should be set up and functioning. The poll workers should be able to explain the process and answer questions. If you have any challenges, contact the Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office and let them know.

One year at my polling location the accessible voting machine was still in the box. I nicely, but firmly told the poll workers that I wanted to use the machine and that I would wait patiently while they assembled it.

After voting I went home and contacted the Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office to let them know that the accessible machine was not set up when I went to vote. The next time I voted I had a better experience because the machine was in place and ready to go.

Sometimes as people with disabilities we have to be advocates and speak up to get the things that we need. This is part of the reason why I appreciate the work that has been done to make voting independent and private for those of us who are blind.

For additional information on accessible voting machines check out these resources:

The National Federation of the Blind and the Help America Voting Act

Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office

American Civil Liberties Union


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I have had some minor problems with the machine at my county's poling place, there was static, but I was able to vote independantly. However, for the run of election for sherrif, the audible machine didn't work propperly, and the pole worker couldn't cancel the balit so that she could reprogram the card for audio, so she had to help me, but it was just one thing we could vote on, so it was ok. I wonder what the accessible machines would be like when the new web based system is in place.

Comment by Ann Harrison; November 28, 2012 9:02pm