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The VisAbility Hub - CVI's Best Kept Secret

An image of a magnifying glass over a book, enlarging the print

Of all the services we offer at the Center for the Visually Impaired, our best kept secret is the VisAbility Hub. Established at the end of 2007, the VisAbility Hub is a vital part of what we do. As the only store like this in the state of Georgia, and the rest of the southeast, we have access to over 1,000 products to make living independently a viable option for the visually impaired. The products we sell range from the simplicity of a clock that reads time aloud for you, to the complexity of an IrisVision device.

On the simpler side of things, we have a full range of cooking utensils specifically geared towards helping the visually impaired cook for themselves. A lot of these items are things that any sighted person could take for granted, but they are essential to making life easier in the kitchen as well as keeping the user safe. For instance, we have a double sided cutting board that can create visual contrast to make cutting certain vegetables easier with some items that require cutting in the kitchen. There is also a finger guard to protect one’s fingers while food prepping. We also have simplified magnifiers, with or without LED lights attached, an array of glasses and even large playing cards that are perfect for a round of spades.

Image of a video magnifier, and some magnified text from a newspaper

The assistive technology CVI sells is some of the more complex product offerings. We have numerous video magnifiers that not only magnify the words on a page, but can also contrast the colors to make reading easier. We also carry IrisVision products, which are low vision aid glasses that recycle VR-gaming goggles. Through those, the glasses project video of your surroundings where you can magnify, color contrast, read and watch television. You can even try these on in the store for a little test run!

An image of the IrisVision device

CVI’s VisAbility Hub provides support and the equipment for people with vision loss to live independently. That doesn’t come easy for everyone, but with the help of the tools and products we offer, it can make the prospect less scary. Bill Epperson, the VisAbility Hub Director, and the rest of his friendly team are more than happy to help you find what you or a loved one need. You can search the store’s inventory online, or visit the Hub on the first floor at the Center for the Visually Impaired.