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Happy Halloween from CVI!

Image of the BEGIN class and teachers after trick-or-treating

Halloween is officially here, which means that it’s time to get spooky! At the Center for the Visually Impaired, we’re not only committed to teaching young kids who are visually impaired how to live independently, but we also encourage them to experience the same things as their sighted peers and family members might experience. That’s why we are sharing this fun, silly activity that the entire family can enjoy together.

Check out this great sensory activity, just in time for Halloween! NOTE: This activitiy is best for school age kids.

Sensory Haunted House: This is a great way to celebrate the spookiness of Halloween, while also engaging the other senses your child has. The idea is from the blog at and uses different stations to simulate the gross and macabre through food, like peeled grapes for eyeballs, cold spaghetti noodles for a plate of guts or even surgical gloves filled with cooked oatmeal! As you go through each station, have your child feel what’s in the bowls with their hands. You can even set up some store-bought spider webs, play some fun spooky music and even have trick-or-treat stations set up at the end. While this could be fun with one or two kids of your own, why not make this a Halloween party with some of your child’s friends? Sighted kids can participate too! Just have a few blindfolds on hand and enough adults to guide them through the stations. For more ideas of how to use food to make it really creepy, click here!

Last week, we had some cute costumed visitors from the BEGIN program go trick-or-treating through the office. Take a look at some of the pictures below! Happy Halloween!

A BEGIN student dressed as a Transformer and trick-or-treating with Fontaine Huey, CVI President

A BEGIN student sitting on the floor after trick-or-treating

A BEGIN student dressed as a character from Dragon Ball Z trick-or-treating with Stephanie Pizza, Director of Children and Youth Services