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Q&A with USABA/Anthem Fitness Challenge Participant Shlisha Gillins

A photograph of Shlisha Gillins walking on a treadmill

Now that we are more than half way through the USABA/Anthem Fitness Challenge, we thought it would be great to get an update from one of the participants.

What motivated you to commit to a fitness challenge?

I have an 11-year-old daughter, who is very active. So in order to keep up with her, I needed to increase my energy level and lose weight, and so far I’ve lost 21 pounds!

How have your exercise and food habits changed since joining the USABA Fitness Challenge?

Every day I try to move as much as I can. The challenges with my friends definitely helps to keep me motivated. When the weather is good, I walk and other times I get on the treadmill. While exercising is great, I am also learning how to make better food choices. For example, I do meal prep, I make sure that I have a snack in my bag when I go out and I drink plenty of water.

What has been your favorite part about participating in the fitness challenge?

My favorite is the sports activities CVI has offered, because it has allowed me to explore different kinds of sports that I can do while being visually impaired.

Upcoming Fitness Challenge Event:

Don’t miss our last big fitness related event on April 27! CVI will host a Field Day at Coan Park for anyone who is interested in learning more about and trying their hand at adaptive sports. We’ll even have two medal-winning Paralympians there to share their stories and host a demo of Goalball.

Register here by April 19.