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School's Out!

4 young BEGIN students wearing graduation gowns

The unofficial start of summer is here! In the past couple of weeks, CVI’s BEGIN and STARS students have all celebrated the end of the school year with a fun get together and brief ceremony. Many STARS students will join CVI for the Summer Enrichment Program throughout the month of June, and some BEGIN students will be moving up or “graduating” to the STARS program next school year and one will be moving from the Toddler Class that was new this year to the new Preschool Class that will start in the Fall, both in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), Division of State Schools along with the Georgia Parent Infant Network for Educational Services (Georgia PINES).

Participants in the STARS program experienced several new activities this year including learning about gardening from Master Gardener Kelly Spetalnick, art through a partnership with the High Museum of Art and theatre through a partnership with Alliance Theatre and The Shakespeare Tavern. The older STARS students even learned a Shakespeare play from members of the Shakespeare Tavern to perform at their end of year celebration. They also attended the annual Red and White Ball hosted by the Delta Gamma Atlanta Chapter, and a few of the older students participated in the Anthem/USABA National Fitness Challenge!

A photograph of Henry and Grace, the King and Queen of the Red & White Ball

In addition to participating in classes that focus on developing skills that will help each of them be successful in the classroom, the BEGIN students were treated to fun activities such as Trick or Treating, a Holiday Party and an Easter Egg Hunt at CVI. The parents of the BEGIN students also had the opportunity to learn through several educational sessions hosted at CVI. Topics included learning about the importance of learning Braille for them and their children from Jackie Anders, a teacher of the visually impaired, learning more about their child’s educational rights from Zelma Murray from the Department of Education, learning orientation and mobility techniques they can help their child with from Ernest Burton, a CVI staff member who teaches Orientation and Mobility, and they had the chance to ask Dr. Amy Hutchison from Emory University School of Medicine questions about their child’s diagnosis.

This year was full of exciting new things and we look forward to a great summer and exciting new things in the Fall of 2019!