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St. Patrick’s Day Activity

March is here, which means spring is around the corner! Everything is turning green, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrate the luck of the Irish this year with a fun accessible activity for your little ones! Here we have instructions on how to make a shamrock scrapbook, courtesy of Paths to Literacy. For the scrapbook, you will need the following:

  • green card stock/scrapbook paper (enough for the cover and a few pages on the inside)
  • brailler
  • braille labels
  • St. Patrick's Day images
  • St. Patrick's Day stickers
  • system to bind (or a hole puncher and some string)

Cut the green paper into the shape of a shamrock. Using a glue stick, add some green glitter to the shamrock for some textile diversity. Allow the glue to dry. Cut the rest of your paper into the shamrock shape as well.

Make a list of words related to the day in braille (e.g. shamrock, green, March). Have them do the braille or provide support, as necessary.

Support the student to add braille labels to the pictures that relate to the day.

Create a collage using stickers or tactile materials, depending on the needs of your child.

Bind the book with a comb binding.

For more ideas, visit our friends at Happy St. Patrick’s Day!