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Valentine’s Day Activity for Kids

Submitted by Emily Pack, TVI, CVI Children & Youth Services

This week your kids are probably thinking about making Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates and a box to collect the ones they are given. If your child is blind or visually impaired, you may be thinking how can I make something with them that they and their sighted classmates will both enjoy? Well, we have a couple of suggestions that are fairly easy and will be fun to make.


The first is a card that any child will love from the website called “You Make My Heart Pop.” You can even attach a lollipop if you want for an extra “Pop.”

See below for the link to print the cards out and for the instructions. You may want to translate the cards to Braille as well!


Image of free Valentine's Day card

Print the Free Cards. [You Make My Heart Pop Valentine's Day Printable Cards]

Cut and attach bubble wrap with tape or glue.

Pass out and let kids pop away!

Valentine’s Collection Box

On the website for Paths to Literacy, we found a great Valentine’s Day Box you can make with your kids with instructions for making it both visually fun as well as tactilely fun! Below is the list of materials you’ll need plus the link to the directions.


  • Box with a hole cut on top for their classmates to put the Valentine in. You can use a small cardboard mailing box or a shoe box – whatever you have around the house.
  • Tactile stickers: They can be found at the Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.
  • Emoji’s: You print them off the computer or you can make them using stickers for the eyes and black foam pieces for the mouths so a visually impaired child can feel them.
  • Glue – liquid and stick both work.
  • Braille label paper.
  • Construction paper hearts.
  • Container/bowl.

Happy Valentine’s Day from CVI!