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Emory Medical Students Kick Off Wellness Project at CVI

In February, CVI kicked off a partnership with Emory Medical Students Tim Arleo, Priya Brito, Mia Callahan and Anjali Om to teach CVI’s adult clients about healthy living. They will be hosting a class once a month and teach class participants about general nutrition, how to grown their own vegetables and understand the importance of eating local, host a “Walk with a Future Doc” for clients to learn ways to stay active with visual impairment and lastly, they will end with a class on how to cook balanced meals and host a potluck for clients to showcase what they’ve learned!

The initial class in February focused on teaching the participants about general nutrition, including how to read food labels, calculate daily nutrient goals and navigate fast food. The first thing the Emory team recommended class participants do is figure out what their caloric needs are based on their height, weight, sex and activity level. Then, they suggested that the participants find a nutrition lifestyle that they can sustain. One helpful tip the Emory students provided is to follow the guidelines of According to, a “healthy plate” should be filled with half fruits and vegetables, a quarter grains and a quarter protein and include lean meats, whole grains and leafy vegetables with high fiber. They also recommend opting for unsaturated fats like olive oil instead of saturated fats like butter and to limit portions to match calorie needs.

Finally, the students offered some tips on navigating eating out. They suggested making some healthy food swaps such as ordering grilled chicken instead of fried, asking for a whole wheat bun and cutting back on the amount of dressing used on a salad. These are examples of things we can all do to make healthier choices while eating out.

Next month, the Emory team will host a “Walk with a Future Doc” Event to help clients to meet their 10,000-step goal and talk about exercises available to the visually impaired.