Blind/Sight Exhibit

Raina photoBlindness is not always darkness and darkness is not always lack of vision. In this exhibit you will meet 14 individuals who see the world not through their eyes, but from their hearts.

Blind/Sight, Conversations with the Visually Impaired, is a collection of photographs of CVI clients that have with vision loss. There is a biography and photograph of each person, a description of their vision (both in audio format as well as print), and (the most interesting segment) an illustration of what they actually see.

Blind/Sight premiered at the VSA Arts of Georgia gallery and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and was created by photographer Billy Howard and illustrator Laurie Shock.

What does it mean to be blind, to have a visual impairment, not to see? We thought it was about darkness. It is not. It is about light, energy and the boundless creativity of the human mind to discover the world using all senses.

Each of us has a unique view of the world around us. The people documented in the Blind/Sight exhibit know that. They have discovered their own ways of seeing and only ask that you join their conversation. They have given us insight into what it is to see differently. And, while each has a diagnosis that lessens their physical sight, we found them all to have great vision.We all have different ways of seeing, the important thing, is that we listen.

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Blindsight screenshot